Mike Mongo Computer Repair Key West

Key West Computer repairs. My specialties are virus & anti-spyware recovery-and-repair. And data recovery: After working on computers all these years, I have access to a really top-notch “clean room”.

In Key West, computer repairs often mean throw the thing away. So, in Key West I get to pretty much be the go-to guy. Plus, my wife lets me wear my Computer Repairman cape at any time of the day or night.

My name is Mike Mongo. People say I’m a genius. I say I’m lucky. My motto in life is Everything always works out. I’m deeply committed to the people of Key West. I like working with children, seniors and people who help other people. And one other thing:

Computers are my life.


5 Responses to Mike Mongo Computer Repair Key West

  1. marilyn moyer says:

    hi mike. i need the button fixed on my iphone 4. it’s making me crazy. this is chicken from the green parrot. please let me know how we can do this. thanks

  2. Karen Wray says:

    Hi Mike, do you still want computers for Jamaca or otherwise? I have an apple wireless key board and misc plugs/connectors.

    • Mike Mongo says:

      Karen, we are on hold now. I am already too full up for the next trip! But thank you for think of us. St Peter’s Thrift on Center Street is my favorite for cool stuff like that.

  3. Kai kai sandal says:

    Thanks so much for fixing my computer.
    It was a pleasure to meet you.
    – kai

  4. Edward Hiller says:

    Hi Mike,
    I’ve heard you on 104.1 and respect all your work. I am a volunteer with the Key West Civil Air Patrol an Auxiliary of the US Air Force. We have a program called Cyber Patriot which is a computer security program. We currently have 8 to 10 Cadets between 12 and 18 who show up regularly. The cadets get to fly Cessna Aircraft and study STEM. Cyber Patriot is way above my skills. I know you are very busy, but I hoping you or someone you might know would might enjoy working with our cadets on this program.

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