Large Experts Exchange VIP Badge

See that link above? For posting it, I get a free t-shirt. It’s a pretty good shirt too otherwise this would have gone nowhere.

Not that I wear a lot of t-shirts. But the right t-shirt in the right place counts for a lot.

Regardless, I actually use expert-exchange. Not always but on and off. It’s a pay-to-play, subscriber service so there’s that. But it works really, really well. It’s kind of like a very pricier geeked-out version of ask metafilter. (Metafilter is just the one-time $5, but is not strictly computer repairs (to say the least).)

Anyhow, I’ll probably re-up as a result of this promo. It’s a beta version of an updated experts-exchange. If they do it right, I want to be there. Because if they make it actually better than it already is e-e will pretty much be mandatory.

We’ll see. Stay tuned.


About Mike Mongo

"My name is Mike Mongo and I am an astronaut teacher. Also: author & space STEM educator. While I travel frequently, I live on the island of Key West in the Florida Caribbean. My primary occupation has me working with students and encouraging students to pursue careers in space and astronautics. Much of my time is spent writing, teaching and learning about space and space travel. Of all the things I love doing being an astronaut teacher is certainly my favorite and most fulfilling."
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