HP dv6910us take apart dissassembly manual

Only because it was a friend did I work on this computer. First of all, of all the laptops I have worked on ever (so far), none do suffer more problems from overheating than HPs.

Think that’s all? Hardly. HP laptops are so prone to completely being bricked as a result of these problems that it’s safer to bet that any given HP laptop will be come useless after only a couple years use than to bet that it won’t. The only way HP has got away for all these years of producing laptops with cpu’s (and motherboards) with critical inherent heat dissipation flaws is to NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THEM. HP does not own up to these problems.

Done yet? No. Because not only is that all terribly true but then there is the challenge of locating manuals. The HP support sites are ridiculously complicated and bloated with useless “features”. In a way, this is exactly like their laptops.

The HP Touchpad didn’t fail because of bad management. It failed because it is an HP.

But wait there’s more! And it is the take apart for the HP DV6910us. What a monstrosity! It is less an engineered machine and more a form of puzzle. Add to the puzzle the arcane instruction manual—of which I give no small thanks that AT LEAST there is one!—and the affair becomes less like computer repair and more like and Alternate Reality Game.

The reason I am posting this is so other who need to get inside this machine (hint: get a new computer) have less of a challenging time than I did.

Here are some clues.

1. In order to get to the fan, pretty much everything has to be removed.

2. There are a hell of a lot  screws. Most are useless.

3. There are a hell of a lot of difficultly-placed ribbons and cables. I mean, acknowledged, the engineering of this beast is amazing. As long as one does not have to take it apart, it’s like a faberge egg. However, since it’s an HP chances are one will have to take it apart.

4. Everything including the display. The display has to come off.

5. The fan is sort of the last piece in the puzzle.

6. Plan on an entire morning to make this happen. Four-to-five hours.

7.  You will have plenty of left over screws.

8. Re-seating the fan with new thermal compound won’t fix the problem. It will still just fade quickly and restart immediately after completely booting up.

Here’s thHP dv6910us manual. HP, you totally fart.


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"My name is Mike Mongo and I am an astronaut teacher. Also: author & space STEM educator. While I travel frequently, I live on the island of Key West in the Florida Caribbean. My primary occupation has me working with students and encouraging students to pursue careers in space and astronautics. Much of my time is spent writing, teaching and learning about space and space travel. Of all the things I love doing being an astronaut teacher is certainly my favorite and most fulfilling."
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One Response to HP dv6910us take apart dissassembly manual

  1. Ike pius says:

    You have to be right! I have a hp compaq nc6000 laptop (series pp2090) its pen. M . The machine suddenly refuses to start. The fan runs and power light shows , but besides that, it seems my machine is in a coma.

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